Month: August 2014

Come Hang At Atwater Beach With Us Tomorrow

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Come at sunrise for a paddle or if that’s too early get there 1-3pm for the skate Jam or surf/sup lessons at 3pm. After that there will be music,  surf movies, uke lessons, and epic hangs. Hope to see you there.



Cave Point Bouldering

When our plans to surf and camp in North Carolina completely fell through due to poor weather and lack of waves, we saw a slight spike in the local forecast and desperately made our way north for a chance at some waves. The lake didn’t give us what we expected, but instead offered the ultimate crash pad for some super fun bouldering at cave point.

Change of Plans


This week we were supposed to head to the East Coast and surf, but the forecast was pretty much flat. We decided to stay in the midwest and find other mini adventures. We are heading up north to wake surf today and hopefully score some waves in the morning in northern Lake Michigan.

South End Surf Marathon 8/12/14

 IMG_3790IMG_3792IMG_3748 IMG_3840IMG_3923IMG_3918

Adam and I had an open day during the week. We decided to drive to the south end of Lake Michigan yesterday. Lucky for us the forecast delivered and we surfed for over 7 hours in some pretty fun waves. This spot is one of my favorites on the lake. You can surf almost anything in your quiver here. Not bad for a summer surf…actually probably one of the best summer sessions I’ve had on the lakes.

Photo credit: Rusty Malkemes and Mike Killion.

Surfers in above photos: Adam Kuhnen, Ryan Gerard, and Steve Hobbs